Oprah snags John Edwards’ mistress


The National Enquirer, which has been on top of the John Edwards love child story from the very beginning, now reports that Oprah Winfrey will get the first TV interview with former Edwards presidential campaign staffer Rielle Hunter, who is the mother of his youngest daughter.

The Enquirer story says Winfrey will interview Hunter at her home in Charlotte, NC and that it will air during the May sweeps.

Hunter first told her story to GQ, with encouragement from former Senator Edwards (D-NC); following his public admission that he is the father of two-year-old Quinn Hunter. According to the Enquirer, Edwards has also encouraged her to go on Winfrey’s show to tell her story.

There may be even more to talk about by then. The National Enquirer has also reported that a federal grand jury is about to indict Edwards for illegal use of campaign funds to keep Hunter and another aide quiet about his extramarital affair.