SBE Teleconferences Set With Bob Orban


Orban Labs, known for its audio processing products for AM, FM, TV and Internet broadcasting, has announced another series of SBE Teleconferences with company founder Bob Orban.

These teleconferences are presented at selected SBE chapter meetings throughout the USA.

Mr. Orban will make a 45-minute presentation at each meeting on audio processing and loudness control, followed by a Q&A session with attendees.

Teleconferences are sponsored by Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW), longtime distributor of Orban OPTIMOD audio processors.


Meetings have been scheduled for these locations:

July 10: San Antonio Chapter 69  

July 17: Central Illinois Chapter 49 

September  5: Central Florida (Orlando) Chapter 42

September 11: Seattle Chapter 16

September 18: Toledo Chapter 104

October  31: Fresno Chapter 66

November 13: Binghamton, N.Y. Chapter 1


Times for the teleconferences will be announced by the individual chapters.

Any SBE chapter wishing to set up a teleconference with Mr. Orban is encouraged to contact Orban Labs.