Orban Brings Standalone Processing Tech To openGear


Orban has added the OTV-2.0/5.1 to its line of openGear products. This plug-in card operates on Ross Video’s openGear platform for live TV, OB trucks, television networks and production facilities.

The OTV-2.0/5.1 card makes Orban’s standalone processing technologies for Radio, TV and Streaming available in the openGear format.

In addition to the hallmark OPTIMOD processing capabilities (including the Orban Loudness Controller), the openGear card offers iMix Surround Headphone, which creates 3D/Immersive audio in any users’ headphones. Orban Mono2Stereo is also available. The OTV-2.0/5.1 openGear card also incorporates a sixth generation rendering-based upmixer and downmixer, along with 1770 Loudness measurement and compliance.

The new Orban openGear card joins a suite of advanced audio processing technologies introduced by Orban for this platform last year.

The openGear open-architecture modular frame system is supported by a diverse range of audio and video equipment manufacturers, including Orban.

“The openGear platform brings a new level of versatility for television stations that want to maintain a simple frame structure while being able to select from a wide range of audio and video products for their facilities,” said Orban President David Day.