Oregon radio campaign promotes clean energy


FreedomWorks Oregon’s Campaign for Affordable and Reliable Energy (CARE) launched a series of radio ads promoting the development of clean, affordable, and reliable sources of energy, in addition to exposing how anti-energy radicals are opposed not just to energy development, but to our modern way of life.

Listen to the First Ad
Listen to the Second Ad

High energy prices hurt Oregon families and cost the community good paying jobs. Looking to the future, Oregon needs to have a diverse portfolio of energy choices, such as geothermal, wave, hydro, natural gas, and wind power to support long term economic growth and ease family budgets.

The statewide ad buy is part of the million dollar campaign launched by FreedomWorks Oregon. The ad first hit the airwaves in the Portland market on 15 stations, before beginning to run in Eugene and the rest of the state.

An excerpt from of the ads explains:

Husband: These energy bills just keep climbing, it’s going to break our budget. There needs to be some real action developing new energy sources so were not so dang dependent on Middle East oil.
Wife: Why would any company do that in Oregon, they’d be sued!
Husband: What?
Wife: A number of companies started investing in alternative energy and an extreme environmental group started suing and taking them to court.
Wife: When a geothermal plant was proposed in Central Oregon, an environmental group took legal action to stop it, when a company wanted to develop wave energy off the Oregon coast another environmental group blocked it, and the same is true for natural gas, wind energy, and other new energy sources.
Husband: These environmental groups (…) and they clearly don’t care if families like ours can pay our energy bills.

The CARE campaign is part of a larger, multi-million dollar, national voter education and turnout effort by FreedomWorks to unlock domestic and emerging sources of energy for American consumers. FreedomWorks is a grassroots organization with over a half a million members nationwide and over 30,000 activists in Oregon dedicated to lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.