Orlando pirate shut down after giving gang advice


The Orlando Sentinel reports a pirate radio station broadcasting from south Orlando that officials say announced info on criminal gangs and promoted where to buy drugs was shut down late Friday, and two men have been arrested. The station, dubbed "Street Heat," broadcast live ads for gangs, promoted where to buy illegal drugs or solicit prostitutes and offered gang-related advice such as how to fold a "flag," or bandanna, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

A two-week investigation by the sheriff’s gang unit and the FCC found that radio signals were broadcast from an antenna mounted in a tree behind a residence on 30th Street in Orlando. FCC investigators found a cable from the antenna and traced it to a window on the northwest side of the home. FCC records show no license had been issued for the broadcast station at the residence.

An Orange County SWAT team executed a search warrant just before 9 p.m. Friday. Balthazard Senat and Christopher Robert Roth were arrested and charged with unauthorized transmission and possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. More Orlando Sentinel blogs Roth was identified as a DJ for the pirate station, which authorities said was operating out of his bedroom.