OTT Summit Set For Capital Spotlight


The logistics of incorporating “Over-The-Top” (OTT) content into existing business models – and how to successfully leverage the technology – will be the key focus of a summit devoted to digitally-delivered TV programming set for late January at the NAB’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

The OTT Summit, to be held on January 23 at a yet-to-be-finalized time, is being arranged by PILOT, an innovation initiative from the NAB, and is in partnership with the Local Media Association (LMA).

“New technologies are being developed and deployed faster than most people can recognize and fully understand,” said PILOT Executive Director John Clark. “The OTT Summit will showcase how companies have tapped into this expanding technology to optimize their business as well as examine other OTT opportunities.”

Examples of OTT topics to be addressed include:

  • Local and national revenue forecasts
  • Strategies for investment
  • Examples of successful implementation by media companies

“We are excited to join forces with PILOT to create this one-day summit that will focus on the opportunities with OTT,” said LMA President Nancy Lane. “Together, we have identified a number of terrific case studies that we will share during this event.”

Organizations already scheduled to present include Graham Media, Schurz Communications, Calkins Media and BIA/Kelsey.

The OTT Summit is designed for broadcasters, newspaper executives and other local multi-media professionals.

Formerly NAB Labs, PILOT is a coalition of innovators, educators and advocates dedicated to advancing broadcast technology and cultivating new media opportunities.