Oxnard Spanish station agrees to decree


KBEH-TV, which brings MTV’s Hispanic network to the Los Angeles DMA from its perch to the north in Oxnard, has settle an indecency proceeding dating back to 2006 via a consent decree with the FCC.

At the time, the station was owned by Bela TV Inc., and that is the company named in the FCC paperwork. However, it was sold to HERO Broadcasting early in 2008. Robert Behar was a principle of both the buyer and seller in that transaction.

The incident refers to an airing of “Atrevete” on 2/24/06. The FCC and KBEH could not come to an agreement as to whether the finding of indecency was correct or not, and have mutually consented to drop the matter rather than expend additional time and resources in pursuit of a resolution.

KBEH will not be hit with an FCC punitive action and will not have the incident on its record – and will make a voluntary $25K contribution to the US Treasury.