Local Radio’s Power: A #RestartLocal Ignition Source


A 25-year old company serving the radio broadcasting industry with audience development strategies has developed a COVID-19 fueled initiative designed to help them gain an advantage when local advertisers return to the airwaves as states begin to ease quarantine and stay-at-home measures.

The #RestartLocal initiative from Point-to-Point Marketing is specifically designed to “put the power of the radio station and personalities behind local advertisers through direct mail and social media marketing.”

How so? A 24-page catalog with a front and back cover, branded with a radio station’s logo, is distributed to homes of the station’s target demographic — and in the station’s “hot ZIPs.”

A letter from on-air talent on the inside cover implies endorsement of advertisers.

And, there are spots for 17 advertisers, plus an option to execute three-week social media campaigns for four clients.

PTP President Tim Bronsil notes, “As communities begin to return to some normalcy, radio can restart local business using the power of its brand and personalities. The business can be in tens of thousands of homes for a relatively small investment. We have made the price
point small enough for those businesses that the entire project has the potential to be a solid revenue generator for participating stations.”

PTP VP/Strategy & Audience Insights Susan Bacich adds, “With so many listeners working
from home, the mailbox is a great place to put your message. Our clients have discussed creative strategies to include dedications to front line and essential workers while also highlighting non-profits in the booklets. We work with each client to determine the right investment level that they can recoup while also talking about the station’s messaging and tone.”