PAC attack seeks to send Sen. Dick Lugar into retirement


US CongressRichard Mourdock, the treasurer for the state of Indiana, is a Republican who is trying to unhorse veteran US Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) and is getting a helping hand from out of state. Two major political action committees are supporting Mourdock’s primary challenge to Lugar.

According to The Hill, the National Rifle Association and the Club for Growth are both going after Lugar, using media buys that include television, radio and cable.

Early voting begins in Indiana on 5/8/12, and that is said to be the kickoff date for the advertising flights.

Mourdock is carrying the Tea Party banner into the primary contest, against Lugar, whose six terms in the Senate make him one of the ultimate inside-the-Beltway establishment figures. With the mood of a segment of the electorate being what it is, being an insider is not necessarily a political advantage.

According to The Hill, Lugar has long been too willing to compromise, making it possible for bailouts and tax hikes to take place. The NRA entry into the primary battle is said to be a rarity for the organization, but it claims Lugar has received its “F” rating, which gives it cause to support Mourdock’s effort.

Lugar does hold a lead in recent polls, but for a senator of his tenure, it is said to be very weak and an indication that he is indeed vulnerable to Mourdock’s challenge.