PACs waging the debt ceiling battle on the airwaves


President Barack Obama and a handful of congressional leaders have been the main players in the raging battle over the deficit, taxes and the debt ceiling, and have been dominating the nation’s news outlets. Meanwhile, political action committees are taking part in the spaces between the programming on TV and radio with political ads.

According to a report in Politico, both sides are trying to define the moment in a way that best supports the type of candidate that they support.

Both sides have a story to tell, but according to the report, in this particular battle PACs affiliated with conservative politicians are winning the spending battle by a margin of at least 5-1, and possibly as high as 10-1.

The report notes that the fast-moving nature of the campaigns and the rapid developments of the issue make reliable expenditure reports difficult if not impossible to compile. It is also difficult to tell what politicians and political districts are being targeted.

Conservative groups like American Crossroads are known to be unleashing $20M this summer, much of it on spots broadly hitting economic issues.

An executive at a liberal group said that it is not a surprise that they are not as well-funded as their conservative counterparts, and said they are forced to carefully pick and choose when and where to mount a flight.