Pai On The Menu For Radio Show Luncheon In Austin


Forget Taco John’s: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai now has an opportunity to visit Torchy’s, Velvet Taco or even the vegetarian/gluten free-friendly Tacodeli. Or, perhaps the JW Marriott in Austin, Tex., may want to have a plate of carnitas and carne asada at the ready.

That’s because Pai has been secured as a keynote speaker at the 2017 Radio Show’s “Radio Luncheon” on Wednesday, Sept. 6 in Texas’ capital city.

Neither the NAB nor the RAB, which co-produce the annual Radio Show, offered details as to the content of Pai’s speech. However, it is likely to be filled with homages to radio stations with a legacy in the Lone Star State, and why he believes AM revitalization is imperative for stations across the U.S. He will also likely share his thoughts on looser government regulation of broadcast media, and how this impacts the radio industry.

By September, the FCC’s rules on subcaps and ownership limits could be a hot topic. Or, they could already be amended, pending the arrival of the next Republican and Democratic commissioners.

During his time at the FCC as both a commissioner and chairman, Pai has been a champion on radio issues, including cracking down on pirate operations, and supporting radio’s role during emergencies.

“Throughout his tenure at the FCC, Ajit Pai has recognized time and again the indispensable role that local radio plays in communities across America,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “We look forward to hearing first-hand his plans for strengthening free and local broadcasting.”

The hot rumor Inside the Beltway these days, as reported by Recode, has former FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel returning to the Portals as Brendan Carr, an aide to Pai, comes on board as a GOP Commissioner.

The 2017 Radio Show will be held September 5-8 in Austin.