Pai Preparing For Simi Valley Speech At Reagan Library


SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — It’s already been a fun 24 hours in La-La Land for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.

With a Monday night visit to In-N-Out Burger completing one highly important goal for any visitor to Southern California, Pai then drove to the FOX Sports Radio studios to meet 9am-Noon Pacific sports talk host Rich Eisen.

His purpose in L.A.? To motor some 45 minutes northwest to Simi Valley for a speech this evening at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute.

Pai will participate in a lecture that is free to the public, with a reservation, with a very Reagan-esque title: Morning in Digital America.

The event starts at 6pm Pacific, and Pai is expected to discuss his vision of the future of U.S. communications policy. Further, he is expected to explain how his agenda of “cutting red-tape, promoting innovation, and creating a regulatory environment that encourages infrastructure investment will bring economic opportunity to millions of Americans currently trapped on the wrong side of the digital divide.”

The subject of “net neutrality” is almost certain to come up, as Pai has stated that Title II regulation of the internet should not be applied. This has caused a great tug-of-war between individuals that insist on an “open internet” and those who, like Pai, believe it impedes growth and was the wrong way to regulate internet traffic flow and development.

A live stream of the event is available for those unable to attend in person at the Ventura County, Calif., venue. Pai’s speech can be accessed here: