PAM launches new campaign


PAM, a Consumer Foods brand of ConAgra Foods, recently kicked off a new ad campaign that emphasizes PAM as a convenient kitchen aid that helps consumers “pull it off.” With the tag line, “Relax, PAM helps you pull it off,” the television and print ads remind consumers that they will have a successful outcome every time they use PAM Original, PAM Baking and PAM Grilling.

The television ads begin by showing the worst case scenario of cooking and baking without PAM. Fortunately, it is revealed that the worst case scenario is only the cook’s daydream and that she can relax because she used PAM and her dish will turn out just right to the delight of her family and friends.

The television ads began airing this month during prime time network programming and cable programs on channels such as The Food Network, American Movie Channel and Home & Garden Television. Additional ads are scheduled to run later in the year. Ads will also run in women’s lifestyle magazines in April and May.