Pandora, DMX to launch personalized radio for business


Pandora and commercial music provider DMX announced a partnership to provide the first personalized internet radio solution for businesses. The deal, which uses the DMX media player, lets business owners play Pandora internet radio with peace of mind that they’re using a fully licensed music solution designed for their commercial setting.

“The Pandora Service for Business” is offered to national and local retail stores that use music to enhance their establishments, including car dealerships, medical offices, salons, restaurants and coffee shops.

DMX was previously called Digital Music Express and was offered up as music channels to cable subscribers. It’s now a competitor to Muzak. DMX was among the first to offer music by satellite, while Muzak had traditionally offered its service via FM SCA carriers. Other DMX competitors include Applied Media Technologies Corporation, In-Store Broadcasting Network, Music Choice, PCMusic, PlayNetwork, Trusonic and XM for Business.
Jessica Steel, Pandora EVP/Business Development and Corporate Development, says that businesses have been asking them for years to offer a commercial solution for Pandora.

Business owners can purchase a DMX media player online for and pay $24.95 per month, per location for use of the service, with no long-term contract.