Pandora expanding advertising platforms to in-home devices


Television sets. Blu-ray players. Table-top radios. Digital media players. All of these will now bring advertising messages right into the homes of consumers, courtesy of customizable internet audio service Pandora.

The addition of the new platforms will expand Pandora offerings, which already include personal computers, smartphones and the Apple iPad.

Only six advertisers will be taken at a time, each for a month, and each will have category exclusivity.
Chief Revenue Officer John Trimble said, “Pandora is everywhere consumers are and that means that our advertisers are too. We offer a powerful media mix and cross-platform reach that effectively leverages different platforms to reach engaged consumers.”

Trimble added, “Campaigns on this newest platform will primarily feature audio ads, which create a more lasting and emotive connection with consumers. The ability for brands to connect with consumers using audio ads on an in-home device is a new and exciting opportunity in our results-driven arsenal.”