Pandora Holds Streaming Top Slot


streamingThere are no real surprises in the latest streaming report from Triton Digital. Pandora is still on top by a wide margin, followed by Spotify and iHeart.

However, Triton is reporting that the percentage of streaming traffic taking place on mobile devices has now topped the 75% threshold.

“Mobile’s 75% share of listening is a huge milestone,” said Rob Favre, General Manager and Chief Compliance Officer, Webcast Metrics.  “Delivering a high-quality streaming experience on mobile devices is more important than ever given consumers’ propensity for taking their favorite audio on the go.”

As usual, a number of radio groups can be found on the list. None of them poses any sort of streaming threat to the big three.

Here, from Triton, is the top 20 for May 2015.

Rank Service AAS
1 Pandora 2,366,941
2 Spotify 921,369
3 iHeart 356,348
4 CBS 55,719
5 Slacker 55,021
6 Cumulus 52,082
7 NPR 44,677
8 ESPN 35,105
9 EMF 21,881
10 Univision 20,288
11 idobi 16,465
12 Greater Media 12,514
13 Townsquare 12,361
14 Salem 11,183
15 Hubbard 9,780
16 AccuRadio 7,818
17 NYPR 7,001
18 Beasley 6,732
19 Bonneville 6,235
20 Radio One 5,705
Source: Triton Digital

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