Pandora Inks Ad Agency Deal


PandoraIn a move that further establishes Pandora Media as a personalized online radio station, rather than an on-demand subscription-based audio service provider, the Oakland, Calif.-based company last week inked an exclusive partnership with an audio-centric creative shop.

The agreement with A Million Ads, which Pandora calls “a global leader in dynamic creative and personalization for digital audio,” makes the ad shop the first “to bring the dynamic capabilities popular in display and video advertising to the audio marketplace.”


Leveraging a variety of listener demographic and consumption data, Pandora’s deal with A Million Ads is designed to give marketers real-time personalized creative at scale. This is squarely focused on personalized audio ads based on such attributes as gender, age and ZIP code through a single tag.

Variables such as location, time of day and weather will also be used to bring geo-targeting capabilities to Pandora audio streams — much like many AM and FM station audio streams do, depending on the streaming technology used.

Also a part of the A Million Ads deal comes sequential messaging and targeting.

Steve Dunlop, Founder and CEO of A Million Ads, commented, “As the industry leader, Pandora sets the bar for digital audio advertising and consistently offers marketers solutions that harness the power of music to effectively reach millions of consumers.  Together, we will revolutionize what listeners experience from an ad-supported music streaming experience and deliver new dynamic and personalized ways to capture attention and drive ROI for advertisers.”