Pandora launches open music submission process


PandoraIt’s easier than ever for indie artists to be discovered by its listeners: Pandora announced an open music submission process designed to make it easier than ever for independent artists to be discovered and heard on the personalized stations of the service’s more than 70 million active listeners.

The new system, accessible online at, is a simple, digital, three-step process to submit tracks for consideration. No physical CD is required – just basic contact info with links to preview tracks.

Said Pandora Founder Tim Westergren: “Discovery is at the core of Pandora’s mission. Our goal is to give every talented artist a chance to reach their audience, whatever the genre and without regard to popularity. Anything we can do to encourage submissions from talented new and emerging artists is a top priority.”

Pandora says it has long fostered a strong environment for indie labels and self-releasing artists, recognizing that great music deserves to be heard, regardless of the artist’s mainstream popularity. Nearly two-thirds of Pandora’s music catalogue is indie music, with approximately 44% of total spins on Pandora coming from indie labels and self-releasing artists.

“Pandora invests heavily in curating the collection, working with hundreds of labels, and monitoring endless editorial, along with data-driven resources for new music. Listeners are also an invaluable resource as they provide feedback on millions of songs and artists daily. Through the new submission process, once an artist hits ‘submit’, they are connected to Pandora’s curators, who personally listen to every album, EP or single that is sent in. Artists now also have the option to check their submission status online,” the company said in a release.

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s a good move for Pandora and its listeners. Aside from broadening the already huge scope of music the service offers, it also saves on royalty fees with artists that haven’t yet signed up with a PRO.