Pandora launches Toyota's "Legends & Icons" campaign


Likely as a lead-in and branding to Toyota offering the service in it vehicles, Pandora Media unveiled a multi-year campaign with Toyota entitled “Legends & Icons,” that pairs Toyota vehicles with corresponding musical genres and artists. In January at the Consumer Electronic Show, Toyota unveiled its Entune technology with Pandora integration, which is compatible with the majority of smart and feature phones. The first Toyota vehicles featuring Pandora internet radio will be announced later this year.

Pandora spokesperson Cristin Zweig tells RBR-TVBR this campaign is exclusive to Pandora, so you won’t see it on TV or any other site. It will include video, which you can see at

The national campaign will be the largest ever to run across all of the Pandora internet radio ad platforms and will feature exclusive content from a roster of internationally acclaimed and award-winning musicians.

The effort launched 3/4 and runs through the beginning of 2013. The initial launch targets adults 18-49 and feature the tunes of the popular Top 40 genre station with ads for the Toyota Highlander. Each additional month will pair a different Toyota vehicle with a corresponding Pandora internet radio genre station.

“Legends & Icons” will be featured across multiple Pandora platforms, including the web, mobile, iPad and via audio on other consumer electronic devices like the Logitech Squeezebox. Other elements include video and “mixtape” stations created by the artists themselves that include new audio content.

Like Pandora’s “Music Genome Project” which matches listeners’ music tastes with more music, the music genres and their corresponding Toyota vehicles were guided by internal Toyota market research, which pinpointed the preferred musical tastes of the drivers in each of Toyota’s fleet of vehicles.

RBR-TVBR observation: Really a great campaign idea for both companies. It resonates well on multiple levels, pairing the person’s musical tastes with the vehicle. We’re just a bit surprised this isn’t running on television and other websites.