Pandora now streaming to FiOS TV


Verizon’s FiOS TV became the first TV service provider to make Pandora’s personalized Internet radio service widely available to subscribers.  It’s the latest addition to its FiOS TV app store. The company launched the service on 7/20 to FiOS TV customers in California, Texas and Virginia, and it will be available in additional markets in the coming months. 

Subscribers can access their existing personalized radio stations from Pandora, or create a new account with the popular service and stream the music directly to their TV from their Motorola HD set-top box or Motorola DVR. 

Through FiOS TV, subscribers can access Pandora’s personalized radio features, such as creating new stations, bookmarking songs for purchase, and rating songs with a simple thumbs-up or thumbs-down, all with a few clicks of the FiOS remote.

FiOS TV customers with an existing Pandora account simply click on the “Widgets” button on the FiOS remote control, select the “Pandora” icon and enter the email address and password associated with their online account.  For customers who do not have a Pandora account, subscribers click on the “Widgets” button on the FiOS remote, select the Pandora icon and then select “New to Pandora.”

Pandora and other interactive FiOS TV applications can be controlled through the FiOS TV Mobile Remote app, available on more than 40 mobile devices, including the DROID X and the Apple iPhone and iPad.   The mobile remote app gives smartphones, laptops and tablets virtually the same functionality as the standard FiOS TV remote, plus additional features.