Pandora Remains the Streamer to Beat


TritonDigitalAnd it still isn’t close, according to the latest Triton Digital report. It’s average active session score approaches 2.4 million users, almost triple the score of #2 Spotify, and it’s almost 6.7 times greater than the first service with broadcast implications, which iHeartRadio.

Broadcasters are well represented on the domestic streaming list, with several radio groups holding down a spot on the Top 20 list.

Triton noted Of the top 20 markets, Minneapolis-St. Paul showed the largest listening gain with a 13.9 percent increase in AAS (M-F 6A-8P), followed by Phoenix (13.6 percent), San Diego (11.4 percent), Portland (11.0 percent), Denver (9.6 percent) and Los Angeles (8.7 percent).

Top 40-CHR is the fastest-growing format with an 11.5 percent increase in AAS (M-F 6A-8P).

Here’s the Top 20 list.
Average Active Sessions
1. Pandora, 2,375,521
2. Spotify, 797,498
3. iHeart, 356,651
4. CBS, 58,546
5. Slacker, 57,096
6. Cumulus, 54,985
7. NPR, 45,420
8. ESPN, 31,032
9. EMF, 25,790
10. Univision, 18,326
11. Idobi, 17,486
12. Townsquare, 13,240
13. Greater Media, 13,057
14. Salem, 11,059
15. Hubbard, 10,229
16. NYPR, 8,199
17. AccuRadio, 8,102
18. Beasley, 6,386
19. Bonneville, 6,303
20. Radio One, 5,764
Source: Triton Digital


  1. One inaccurate statement: Triton noted of the top 20 markets, Minneapolis-St. Paul showed the largest listening gain…
    This should read: Triton noted of the Top 20 markets, Minneapolis-St. Paul showed the largest listening sessions…

    Triton has no electronic device that measures listening, only log-ins. To say otherwise implies that Triton has the ability to determine how long someone is listening. The only measurement Triton is able to provide is how long an individual is logged in.

    • “I don’t believe in flying saucers.” – Firesign Theater. Seriously, the list is about Nielsen and our sacred antennas. Thanks for reading, Clark.

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