Pandora tops digital audio chart


TritonDigital…and CCM&E was the top performer among members of the radio community, according to the latest release from the digital audience measurement experts at Triton Digital.

It goes without saying that Pandora has opened a huge lead in this field of endeavor. Its 2.1+ million average active sessions for the month is more than three times the total of the next 19 competitors combined.

Pandora is the only service making it past the million-session threshold.

Clear Channel is alone in surpassing the 100 thousand session threshold.

In all, 12 companies that operate AM-FM radio groups made the top 20, including Clear Channel, Cumulus, CBS, Cox, EMF, Entercom, Univision, Greater Media, Townsquare, Salem, Hubbard and Beasley.

Here, from Triton Digital, are the July results.

July 2014 Domestic Rankers
Based on Average Active Sessions
2,122,685 Pandora
323,477 Clear Channel Radio
58,895 Slacker
52,830 Cumulus Streaming
52,800 CBS Radio
44,934 NPR
29,565 ESPN
23,562 Cox Radio
21,692 EMF
19,256 Entercom
17,538 Univision
16,372 idobi Radio
13,316 Greater Media
11,730 Townsquare
10,231 Salem
8,306  Hubbard
7,834  NYPR
6,551  AccuRadio
5,376  Beasley
4,844  Prisa
Source: Triton Digital