Pandora’s ad sales getting stronger


The month of May’s revenues at Pandora were the company’s highest yet, suggesting that the combination of streaming audio ads with measurability of the Web offers an attractive ad platform for Pandora’s current ad clients and those new advertisers looking for a more traditional ad option such as radio.

“In May, our most successful month yet, we sold fully one-third of our ad inventory. We’re excited to see a broad cross section of leading brand advertisers step up to the plate,” said Doug Sterne, director of audio sales, a position created for him six months ago when Pandora launched the advertising initiative.

Prior to Pandora, Sterne was VP/Sales at Clear Channel Online Music and Radio.

“Doug brings deep knowledge, insight and forward-thinking to online audio sales, and we’re delighted he’s on board,” said John Trimble, Pandora’s chief revenue officer. “By bringing his experience with the world’s largest radio stations to Pandora, Doug and his team are in a perfect position to offer our advertisers yet another exciting marketing vehicle for their products and services. In fact, Whole Foods Markets has recently discovered how effective Pandora is in reaching a local audience with a direct response message.”

When Whole Foods wanted to promote themselves as another lunch option to the local business professionals and leverage the large number of Pandora users who listen at work, Sterne engineered a 15-second audio campaign targeting Bay Area listeners within seven miles of a Whole Foods Market. The spot ran after 30 minutes of streamed music and directed listeners to click on the Whole Foods lunch menu.