Panorama picks up Pennsylvania AM


WAZL-AM has the perfect calls to go with its Hazleton PA roots, and they will soon be associated with a new licensee. The station is going to Alexander Sloot’s Panorama PA Inc. The seller is Ira Rosenblatt’s WS2K Radio LLC.

The price is listed as $105K cash, with $10K plunked down into escrow, and includes a non-competiton agreement.

WAZL is considered to be part of the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Arbitron market, but it is well to the southwest and on the FCC application, the parties said it was in fact not part of any rated market.

There is a noteworthy part of the contract; it caught our eye anyway. Numerous undesirable things are listed as events which have not beset the station, and the third paragraph in this section of the contract is particularly inclusive.

It attests the station has not “…Suffered any fire, riot, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, strike or other labor trouble, lockout, flood, act of God, or of the public enemy, casualty, condemnation, confiscation, requisition, embargo, activity of the Armed Forces of the United States, revocation or license or right to do business, cancellation or modification of contracts by governmental authority, government regulation or order restricting the operation of its business, cancellation or modification of any franchise, right, contract, license, or agreement or any other event which has materially and adversely affected its business, operations, properties, or assets.”

RBR/TVBR observation: As uniquely attentive to detail that the contract for this transaction is, it nonetheless fails to stipulate that the station has never been flattened by a meteor or overtaken by out-of-control vegetation growth.