Parents Television Council targets AAMCO


PTC / Parents Television CouncilThe Parents Television Council is calling on its members to contact AAMCO for sponsoring FOX’s Animation Domination High-Def (ADHD) programming block that has shown “explicit sexual and violent content and that is being targeted to children.” AAMCO sponsored last week’s programs.

Last week on Twitter, FOX boasted that ADHD experienced a “+100% lift in Teens vs. its premiere.”

“The vile content on ADHD would not be possible but for the sponsorship dollars of companies like AAMCO. The FOX programming block features some of the most disgusting, vile content we have ever seen on broadcast television, including gory violence and over-the-top sexual content, much of it involving teenage characters and targeted towards children. FOX even bragged about its supposedly adult-only programming block gaining in popularity with teens. Sponsors like AAMCO can no longer claim they didn’t know FOX was targeting such young viewers,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

“Even though it airs during the ‘safe harbor’ on TV and technically is not subject to indecency enforcement by the FCC, FOX’s ADHD has the potential to forever change the standard for broadcast television. We’ve seen this happen before – that once advertisers become comfortable paying for such content in the 10:00 pm hour, then this kind of content shows up in the 9:00 pm hour, and eventually earlier too. We cannot allow this to happen.

“If Fox hears from enough companies, they will be forced to tone down the offensive content, or remove it altogether. We ask AAMCO to reconsider sponsoring such graphic content on any future episodes of ADHD.”