Partnering in Tampa Bay


Genesis Communications’ WWBA ”AM 820 News” Tampa announced a deal to have Gannett’s WTSP-TV provide the radio partner with more local weather forecasts, more local news updates and simulcasts of 10 News broadcasts.

“This partnership combines the resources of 10 News and WWBA AM 820 News to reach local radio audiences with award-winning news, weather and investigative content on a daily basis,” said Ken Tonning, WTSP President and General Manager. “With hurricane season under way, we look forward to extending the reach of our severe weather, tropical storm and hurricane coverage to the WWBA AM 820 News listening audience as well,” he added.

“For too long, talk radio has been the territory of loud, angry guys. Today, people want news. And they want it now. Between commuting to work and other activities, people in Tampa Bay spend more time in their cars than almost anywhere in the country,” said Genesis Communications President Bruce Maduri. “Adding 10News WTSP to our 50,000 watt transmitter on 820AM covering most of Florida will keep listeners informed no matter what their commute. This partnership will allow people to stay connected with local news during those hours – traffic, weather, sports, and your money, everything that matters in our community. And it provides Tampa Bay residents with a complete range of ways to get the news that matters most. So when people arrive at work or wherever they are going, they can be prepared with the most up-to-date news.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Good move by Genesis Communications’ WWBA-AM 820 News with Gannett’s WTSP-TV (Chnl 10) as 10 News is Tampa Bay’s leader in local news and information.

This is the first step local radio needs to build a solid cross platform of information. Viewing local TV as a partner instead of a competitor the scope of programming and information sharing in the Tampa/St. Pete market is endless.

Also, WTSP is the local CBS affiliate, the number 1 network in programming content with shows like ‘NCIS’ and remember if there is no NFL strike WTSP is home to NFL Sunday.

This is a major plus for WWBA-AM to cross program the content and control the NFL locally. Key now will be for Genesis to build a solid internet digital strategy to capitalize with this partnership. Especially with sports, Tampa is a sports town with a mixture of fans and streaming, podcasting will play an important part for growth in audience and local revenues.