Partners getting DIY AM to double up in Tuscaloosa


David M. Baughn and James E. Shaw each own a third of WJRD-AM Tuscaloosa AL, and now they’re getting together to build an AM sister for the station, courtesy of Anderson Communications LLC.

Anderson, headed by Charles M. Anderson, holds a CP for a Class C AM station licensed to Holt AL, which is earmarked for 1 kw of unlimited power on 1340 kHz.

Baughn and Shaw, together as TTI Inc., are paying $60K for the station, with a $6K down payment and the remainder payable in cash at closing.

WJRD plays Oldies over 1150 kHz.

Baughn stressed on the application that although he is Director of Engineering and Techinical Services at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, he is not a director or officer at the school and has no interest in the school’s two FMs, one full power television station or its Class A TV.

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