Partnership formed to pick up Portland AM


KXPD-AM serves the Portland OR market from its perch in Tigard OR. The station is owned by Churchill Media LLC, but documents have been filed at the FCC that will send it under the care and feeding of a new set of owners.

The buyer is Riverside Broadcasting LLC. By now, the buyer should already be working with the station under terms of an LMA that was contracted to begin 6/24/11.

The price is $840K. $340K less any prepaid LMA rent will be paid in cash at closing, and the remainder will be paid pursuant to a $500K promissory note.

80% of Riverside is owned James Y. Su and his Universal Broadcasting Corporation. The other 20% will be owned by AIM Broadcasting LLC, which in turn is subject to an 80%-20% split. John Douglas holds the larger stake, and Greg Douglas the smaller.

The station is licensed to operate on 1040 kHz, and gets its primary signal over most of the urban area during the day with it’s throwing off 2.2 kW. At nights, it drops down to 200 Watts, which keeps it alive in Portland but loses primary signal access to Vancouver WA on the northern bank of the Columbia River.