Partnership to measure niche cable channels


Cable / SatelliteCurrently unmeasured audiences for niche or “long tail” television networks will be getting ratings from Simulmedia Inc. and Nielsen.

The plan is to use data from Nielsen’s People Meter and Simulmedia’s set-top box data to create a “first of its kind measurement solution for currently unmeasured cable network TV audiences.”

“We are very excited to work with Nielsen again on research that we expect will eventually allow smaller networks to sell advertising using consistent and reliable audience measurement tools,” says Dave Morgan, Simulmedia’s CEO. “In our work, we have found valuable blocks of audiences watching programs that may be under the radar of many network TV buyers. This research will surface both the value of these networks and their audiences to brands, and the cost effectiveness of working with them to reach attractive consumers and achieve positive business outcomes.”

“We’re committed to delivering solutions that drive business benefits for our clients. Big and small. Global and local. Across and within platforms,” said Steve Hasker, Nielsen’s President of Global Product Leadership. “This initiative with Simulmedia signifies an important Nielsen move to seek out innovation to bring meaningful insights to our clients and the industry. We look forward to continued collaboration with Simulmedia.”