Pat Clawson running for Michigan Senate


Former CNN investigative reporter and Radio & Records Washington Bureau Chief Pat Clawson is a candidate for the Michigan State Senate. He is running in District 27, the Flint area, as a member of the Libertarian Party ticket, with support from people in the local Tea Party.

“The voters of the 27th District now have a clear choice. John Gleason is taxpayer-fed. I’m a fed-up taxpayer. I am working to make Michigan’s government fair, open and honest. Both Democrats and Republicans have proven they are utterly incapable of leading,” Clawson said in his candidacy announcement.

The odds are formidable. Incumbent Gleason, a Democrat, won with over 75% of the vote in 2006.

Clawson recently made headlines across Michigan and embarrassed Governor Jennifer Granholm (D) when he disclosed at a legislative hearing that a man who had appeared before TV cameras with Granholm after being awarded a $9.1 million state development grant was actually a convicted embezzler. The man is back in jail for parole violation and is also facing new fraud charges. Click here to read one of the stories from the Detroit Free Press.

RBR-TVBR observation: Lots and lots of people in radio know Pat Clawson – and generally either love him or hate him. (Several CEOs fall into the latter group.) There’s not much middle ground. For our part, we hold him in high regard – even when he sometimes drives us crazy.