Paul Harvey: 1918-2009


He grabbed a broom to get in the door at KVOO Tulsa, and the rest of the story is a major chunk of radio history. Iconic ABC newsman Paul Harvey has passed at 90, a year after his beloved wife Angel. His signature program, “Paul Harvey News and Comment” began on ABC Radio Networks on 4/1/51. Known for his ability to weave commercials seamlessly into content, he once said, “I am fiercely loyal to those willing to put their money where my mouth is.”

ABC Radio Networks’ Jim Robinson said, “Even after the passing of his loving wife Angel in May 2008, Paul would not slip quietly into retirement as he continued to take the microphone and reach out to his audience. We will miss our dear friend tremendously and are grateful for the many years we were so fortunate to have known him."

RBR/TVBR observation: We remember hearing Harvey when we were kids – and although we can’t recall the exact content, the voice, the taglines, the delivery all seemed hard-wired into our memory banks. Harvey simply cannot be replaced.