PBS kicking off three-year program to promote women and girls


Women and Girls Lead is the name of the campaign, and it is about to kick off on non-commercial television in the form of a series of documentaries – more than 50 of them – that are coming to PBS via the Independent Television Service.

Academy Award-winner Geena Davis is one of the driving forces behind the campaign to promote females of all ages. She commented, “I’m thrilled to lend my voice to the Women and Girls Lead campaign. Women and girls are grossly misrepresented in our media. The powerful stories told by the documentary films included in this campaign amplify the voices of women and girls, and bring visibility and value to their lives. The events and activities we’ll be presenting in New York and Washington this week and next are a great opportunity to build momentum for this important work.”

The series will kick off on 10/11/11 with the first installment of a five-part series called, with “Women, War & Peace.”

The PBS series is just a part of the overall project. “Over the next nine months, we are launching the first wave of more than 50 documentaries that tell incredible stories of courage and leadership about women and girls from around the world,” said Sally Jo Fifer, ITVS President and CEO. “But beyond the national PBS broadcasts, Women and Girls Lead will take this content directly to communities through our groundbreaking engagement programs. Our goal is that these unforgettable films will spark not only conversation, but will also ignite meaningful change in the lives of women and girls everywhere.”

The campaign will include local events, partnerships with various organizations, prominently including Girl Scouts of America, and a presence on websites and social media.