PBS Makes a ‘CLEAR’ Choice For Its Network Ops Center


MARINA DEL REY, CALIF. — The flagship product from Prime Focus Technologies has been selected by PBS to enhance its Network Operations Center ecosystem efficiencies and sustainability.

The decision was based on one clear objective — reducing operational costs for content providers by migrating content delivery, initial QC and transcoding operations to the cloud.

PBS is comprised of some 350 member noncommercial TV stations across the U.S., and its using the CLEAR Media ERP Suite from Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), based in nearby Culver City.

PFT will deploy CLEAR’s Broadcast Cloud and Operations Cloud modules for automating PBS’s complete Direct to NOC file delivery process.

All short turn external file-based content intended for the NOC will be ingested through CLEAR, thereby streamlining the member station organization’s process of receiving media across their ecosystem of content providers.

PBS and PFT worked with member station Maryland Public Television to evaluate and deploy the system.

CLEAR will also manage core operations like NOC-based media processing, initial automatic Quality Control (QC), delivery, storage and external file transfers. The deployment will also empower PBS’s team with a unified dashboard to track the status of business processes throughout the NOC in real time.

“We expect that implementing CLEAR will help us improve operational efficiencies and increase throughput as we move a portion of our content operations to a cloud-based solution,” said Renard T. Jenkins, VP of PBS Operations. “Increasing the speed and accuracy of the NOC daily tasks, while improving access and visibility throughout the NOC delivery process is a step in the right direction for us. We feel it will enable us to focus on the imminent challenges ahead such as a future redesign and overhaul of PBS’ entire Media Supply Chain. We look forward to starting a new chapter in our journey to the cloud.”

Chris Ziemer, SVP at Prime Focus Technologies, added, “We are extremely pleased and excited to be supporting the team at PBS as they embrace digital transformation. We look forward to deploying a future-ready solution that will enable the network to deliver a greater experience to today’s digital consumers.”