Pennsylvania returns focus to elections


The Project for Excellence in Journalism found the focus of the journalistic media back on the 2008 political campaign during for week of 4/21/08-4/27/08, a not surprising result of primary votes being cast after about a lengthy lull.

As usual, cable had blinders on to almost everything else, devoting almost three quarters of its attention to politics. Iraq was pushed to the side, and even a major promotion for General David Petraeus couldn’t break into the top ten overall, despite his recent appearance before Congress and the PEJ coverage list. A wide variety of domestic and international issues did one thing, however – for the most part, it kept the more tabloid-style topics off the chart.

In fact, the ongoing saga of the Texas polygamy raid is the only story that can even arguably be put in that category.

Story Overall Newspr Online NetTV CATV Radio
2008 campaign 44% 26% 30% 39% 74% 48%
US economy 4% 8% 5% 5% 1% 1%
TX polygamy raid 3% X 5% 7% 2% X
World food shortage 3% 3% X 6% X 2%
Gas/oil prices 2% 2% X 4% X 6%
Israel/Palestine 2% X 6% 3% 1% 3%
Syria nuclear reactor 2% X 5% 3% 3% X
Zimbabwe elections 2% 3% 6% X X X
Iraq events 2% 4% 2% X 1% X
China 2% 3% 4% X X X
Petraeus/CentCom X 3% X X 1% X
Global warming X 2% 2% X X X
Murdoch/WSJ X 2% X X X X
Health care X X 4% 1% X X
Military analysts X X X 2% X X
Pollution/emissions X X X 1% X X
Immigration X X X X 2% 2%
NY cops acquitted X X X X 2% X
Iran X X X X 1% X
Energy debate X X X X X 4%
War on terror X X X X X 2%
Domestic terrorism X X X X X 2%
Iraq policy X X X X X 2%

Source: Project for Excellence in Journalism