Pepsi has NBC, Fox cross-promoting X Factor, SuperBowl


Fox and NBC will promote big-ticket shows that run on each other’s networks to allow Pepsi to link its sponsorship of the “X Factor” this fall to its advertising on NBC’s Super Bowl broadcast in early 2012, according to an AdAge article. NBC has already agreed to run a Pepsi spot in its coming 2/5/12 broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI featuring the winner or winners of Fox’s “X Factor” — just hours (maybe less) before NBC plans to launch the second season of rival song contest “The Voice,” which features singers such as Cee-Lo and Christina Aguilera selecting and coaching singing contestants.

Pepsi has signed on as an exclusive season-long sponsor of “X Factor,” and will have its products and messages integrated into the show. “X Factor” will feature Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul from “American Idol.”

During the SuperBowl, the spot will not include any logos or identifying marks from X Factor, or make overt references to the show, according to the story. However, as Pepsi mentions on “X Factor’s” run on Fox the winner will appear in a Super Bowl commercial, the program would have to tell viewers verbally and visually (no word yet on how that will be done) that the Super Bowl is set to air on NBC. The NFL was involved in working out a process so that Pepsi could link its appearance on “X Factor” to its Super Bowl advertising. That would give NBC’s Super Bowl broadcast a promotional mention several times in X Factor.

PepsiCo’s years-long sponsorship of the Super Bowl may help break down any resistance to the agreements. Between 2001 and 2010, PepsiCo spent about $170.8 million on advertising during the game.

RBR-TVBR observation: While the broadcast networks have had no problem airing tune-in ads from sister cable networks, the examples of running ads from competitors networks are few and far between. We doubt this is the beginning of a trend, but in the end, money talks and Pepsi has spent plenty of it on both X Factor and the Super Bowl.