Pepsi takes over Times Square


The Times Square event was created and executed by Aegis Media agency Vivid Marketing.  Pepsi has long believed in the spirit of youth and the power of the “next generation.” According to the “Pepsi Optimism Project” (POP), the majority of this generation, the Millennials, has a positive perspective as two-thirds describe their outlook on the coming year as “optimistic.”

This year, everyone was invited to join Pepsi and contribute to the celebration.  Pepsi, in partnership with MTV, gave Americans the chance to broadcast their messages of optimism and hope for 2009 during MTV’s New Year’s coverage. Those in Times Square could also have their picture taken for the GMA SuperSign billboard. 

Here was the run-down:
• Saturday, December 27th: Pepsi street teams fan out across New York City, handing out Pepsi buttons and other party favors in advance of New Year’s Eve.   Look for teams in and around Times Square on Tuesday, Dec.  30th, too.

• Sunday, December  28th: Look for the new Pepsi TV ad, “Wordplay,” which was created by TBWAChiatDay Los Angeles, to appear on multiple networks.  In addition, Pepsi will launch a new site,,  featuring the TV commercial and other communication.

• Sunday, December 28th:  Pepsi takes over Times Square, one billboard at a time, starting with the GMA SuperSign on Dec. 28th and the Toys ‘R Us billboard on Dec. 29th. Look for more messages of optimism appearing on an additional six screens between Dec. 28th and 31st.

• From Noon to 4:00pm, Post Your Picture to Times Square Billboard:
o Go behind the scenes at Times Square Studios, the home of Good Morning America on 44th St and Broadway, to capture your moment of celebration. Enter your “refresh” wish for the New Year.
o Your picture and “refresh” may be broadcast outdoors, on the GMA SuperSign in the heart of Times Square, and will also be available for you to download from  
o Prepare to celebrate by picking up a Pepsi scarf and other party favors.

• Text in your “refresh” wish to appear on MTV: MTV’s coverage and Times Square billboard to reflect “refreshes”
o From home:  Beginning at 8pm, text CHANGE to 66333. Your message may appear on a crawl throughout MTV’s New Year’s shows.
o From Times Square: Beginning at 6pm, text NYE to 66333, and look for your wish to scroll across the banner billboard; MTV’s HD Times Square Screen at MTV 44 ½ (located at 1515 Broadway). 

• At 11:56pm, Times Square Bubbles Over:
o Pepsi released roughly a thousand  balloons (three-feet in diameter) that feature the new Pepsi logo.