PepsiCo signs with Gas Station TV


Gas Station TV and PepsiCo announced a multi-year, multi-brand agreement to promote Pepsi, AMP Energy drink, AMP Energy Juice, and Brisk to consumers at the gas pump. GSTV joins other outlets in PepsiCo’s evolving media mix including NBCU, YouTube, Hulu and MTV Networks.

PepsiCo’s strategy embodies an innovative approach at engaging consumers in the many passion points in their lives. With its unique and valuable television environment at point-of-purchase, GSTV helps the brand reach a customer right before making a purchase decision.

Gas Station TV produced a spot exclusively for the Pepsi Refresh Project, the campaign to award more than $20 million to ideas that move the world forward, and customized the ad specifically for the gas venue. With collaboration from Pepsi’s marketing team, GSTV scripted and designed the spot to match the look and feel of the Pepsi Refresh Project, and added the key “purchase” call-to-action.