Permission-based email campaigns get results


A study from Epsilon Strategic Services confirms that the use of email by retailers can generate favorable relationships and strengthen the bond between the brand and its customers. 56% say they’re more likely to buy from the retailer, 52% have a more favorable opinion and 48% say they are more loyal to the retailer. And almost nine in ten – 87% — say such emails are a great way to learn about new products.

Epsilon’s Kevin Mabley said, "The research we conducted expands beyond just online behavior and measurable activities and demonstrates the offline implications and branding "halo" effect of email marketing."

Epsilon released additional results: 88% download/print a coupon; 79% click a link in an email to learn more; 75% purchase a product online; 69% research retail locations that carry a product; 67% purchase a product offline; 60% try a new product for the first time; 55% share a coupon or forward the email; 33% type/copy the URL into their browser.

RBR/TVBR observation: The key, it seems to us, is the permission hook – without it, a retailer’s email is nothing more than spam. This is where broadcasters can come in. A station can create a compact with its loyal audience with whom it has internet contact, to share select retailer information via email – confident on the basis of this study that the audience will be happy with the results – and provide that permission to retail clients. Such a program may well provide demonstrable results for clients and additional revenue for the station.