Perry Sook sees auto driving growth in 2012 (audio)


Everyone, it seems, is excited about the likely record political advertising take for TV stations in 2012 – and Nexstar CEO Perry Sook is excited about that as well. But the automotive sector – traditionally the largest sector for TV – has been rebounding this year. Sook is looking for big things from auto in 2012.

As he reported Q3 results, the Nexstar CEO noted that while auto has come back from recession levels, Toyota and Lexus have yet to get back up to the levels expected before their supply chain problems in Japan, so he’s hoping for more business to be placed in December.

Perry Sook

Looking ahead, Sook thinks auto sales in 2012 might be stronger than current estimates. And if that’s the case, TV advertising will be stronger than expected as well.

Meanwhile, Nexstar’s local station executives are busy making pitches to local dealers, which has been a stronger growth area for the company. Local dealer advertising was up by a double-digit percentage in Q3 for Nexstar.