Peter Pan Peanut Butter returns


Peter Pan Peanut Butter will be on store shelves beginning in August, supported by increased distribution and strong consumer demand, plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This, after salmonella was found in some of the jars a few weeks ago, forcing the brand from the shelves temporarily.

As of 8/7, the top 30 Peter Pan grocery retailers plan to return this consumer favorite to their shelves. In fact, three of the top five Peter Pan retailers in the nation have increased distribution of the returning Peter Pan Peanut Butter items, ensuring consumers will be able to find it on store shelves nationwide.

During its absence, ConAgra Foods took the opportunity to give Peter Pan Peanut Butter a makeover, with a new jar shape and colorful label, featuring a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a consumer is not satisfied with their purchase for any reason, ConAgra Foods will refund the full purchase price. When the brand returns to store shelves in August, two varieties will initially be available – creamy and crunchy, each in 18-, 28- and 40-oz sizes. Other varieties will be available early next year.

We asked if this be supported with advertising and promotions. Said ConAgra spokesperson Stephanie Moritz: "Our marketing plan is designed to reach prior Peter Pan consumers at-home and in-store to announce the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The guarantee is reflected in an integrated marketing campaign which includes a wide range of at-home and in-store elements designed to regain consumer trust and to encourage them to try Peter Pan again. 

The campaign includes:

In-store: Initial high value discounts and coupons to encourage consumers to try Peter Pan again. Shelf take-ones, grocery shelf cards printed with the mail-in satisfaction guarantee. A new jar design and new label, marked with the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Money-saving coupons generated from consumers' value card information swiped during cash register sales at certain retailers.

At-home: Direct mail to the homes of consumers who have called, written or emailed ConAgra Foods during the recall, welcoming them back to the taste of Peter Pan with coupons for free Peter Pan Peanut Butter. Additionally, these consumers will have the ability to send a 1.00 off coupon to three friends or family members. Consumers can go online and sign up three family members or friends at Money-saving coupons for Peter Pan in a full-page, free-standing insert dropped in newspapers."