Phil Goldman interview gets praise


Broker Frank Boyle had some kind words for our interview with former Q-94 (WRVQ-FM) Richmond, VA GM Phil Goldman (3/20/09 RBR #55):

“My Compliments to you, Carl-

Your interview with Phil is the single best article RBR has printed in past 15 yrs!!
I know first hand because my Eastman Radio Rep firm was privileged to rep Phil in Richmond and all their sister stations as they went from Southern -to Harte Hanks — to Edens — to Clear Channel.

Your Classic interview should be printed and given to every new radio GM & GSM & PD in every market — from this minute on and forever.. It’s so basically right on the button on how to win–and why consolidated radio keeps losing radio’s prior historic Revenue & Listener growth. I get goose bumps reading it.

Phil is one of the great successful GM’s because he never got complicated. He trained his teams to be street smart and be Green Beret killers on the street. Like a (stocky) John Wayne–Phil trained by example–went on the street daily to show the rookies how to handle rejection –with smarts & a smile. And, Phil never forgot — you have to have fun to be successful in the radio business. — on the air — in the station — and catching spears on the sales street.

Phil tells all in little bitty words that anyone can instantly understand. This is a treasure and a keeper. A Consultant would charge $25,000 for it. Be cheap at twice the price.

You & RBR done good, Carl…The Industry needs more of these gems.”

Frank Boyle

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