Phil Hendrie disagrees with TRN suit against Dial Global


Talk Radio Network-syndicated talk show host Phil Hendrie says he does not support the suit recently brought from TRN CEO Mark Masters against Dial Global and other program suppliers and ad sellers like Compass Media and Courtside, LLC.  Hendrie issued a statement:

Upon reviewing Talk Radio Networks’ recent lawsuit filed against several radio companies and individuals, Phil Hendrie took exception to section 60 which states, “Today, by bringing this Action, Plaintiffs stand not only for themselves, but also for every smaller independent syndicator, network or programming producer, and for the hosts, producers, technicians and other Americans whose livelihoods are dependent upon these independent syndicators.”

Hendrie, who is syndicated by TRN, states, “I’d like to make it very clear that TRN does not represent my views and I certainly don’t need them ‘standing up’ for me in regard to this lawsuit, which I don’t support.  My livelihood is not dependent on TRN.”