Phil Hendrie welcomes back cast of characters


Talk Radio Network’s Phil Hendrie, the creative genius chock full of character, comedy and commentary, welcomes back his cast of fictional characters, all of whom he plays on air while simultaneously serving as host of his national talk radio program.

Heard on nearly 100 radio stations in the late evenings, Hendrie’s original brand of radio theater is unmatched in the industry. While he did straight talk for the last two years, he couldn’t deny his passion for creating satire and comedy through the likes of Bobbie Dooley, Larry Grover and Ted Bell.

“Radio needs alternative programming, like my show, now more than ever,” said Hendrie. “Having the advantage of communicating compelling and outrageous points of view through these characters is an opportunity no other host has.”

Hendrie provokes people while feeding a circle of social satire. Recently, character Dean Wheeler of the Novato Spiritual Center explained why President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize – because America’s safety has been restored. He told a caller, “I haven’t had one single home invasion since Obama has been President. Under Bush, I suffered seven of them and was pistol whipped each time. The causal link was my son dealing drugs. The karmic link – Bush was President.”

The caller went ballistic as Host Phil tried to keep the dialogue on track.

While Hendrie’s cast is reemerging on the radio airwaves, many of them have been alive and well online. For instance, Bobbie Dooley attracts a loyal following in the thousands on Facebook, most of whom interact with her regularly. Others have been featured on

Hendrie says every night on his program, “Broadcasting from the shores of El Pacifico, welcome to The World Famous Phil Hendrie Show, a trip through the looking glass of talk radio.” And so goes the circle of never-ending topics, characters and callers, all of which Hendrie orchestrates into a unique parody of his own profession – talk radio.