Philadelphia and candy spots examined


Media Monitors took a close look this week at Philadelphia and the product category, Candy, Mints & Gum. The #1 advertiser last week in Philly on the radio was Geico with 825 units. Value Kia was #2 with 549 and the HD Digital Radio Allinace was #3 running 452 spots. #4 was McDonald's with 414 commercials and Hyndai was #5 with 378 spots. Raymour & Flanigan Furniture was #6 with 372 spots, while Comcast was #7 with 337 spots. Six Flags Amusement Park was #8 airing 336 announcements. Stop & Shop grocery stores ran 333 spots making them #9, while Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge was 10th running 331 units.

In the Candy, Mints and Gum category, #1 in America was Starburst (Mars) running an astronomical 3,325 units. Next, was Kit Kat (Hershey) running 961 spots. Dentyne (Cadbury Adams) was #3 with 548 commercials. 4th was Baby Ruth (Nestle S.A.) with 351 spots, while Eclipse Gum (Wrigley) was 5th running 168 units. #6 was Pearson's Candy Company with 70 units, while 7th was Snickers (Mars) running only 57 spots nationwide. Up from #14 to #8, Bubblicious Bubble Gum (Cadbury Adams) with 50 spots and Elimtaste (Inhale Solutions) was #9 with 48 units. In at #10, Mary Ann's Chocolates (Grand Rapids) with 33 spots.