Philadelphia, Government-Unions-Associations spots highlighted


According to Arbitron, Philadelphia is the 8th largest radio market with a population of 4,474,300. According to Media Monitors, the #1 radio advertiser in that market last week was Geico with 956 spots. PNC deposited themselves at #2 with 875 ads, while The Home Depot was #3 airing 780 commercials.

VERIZON was #4 running 751 spots and the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #5 with 633 spots. MCDONALD’S was #6 with 555 announcements, while WALGREENS jumped from #13 to #7 with 522 ads. AUTOZONE jumped from #34 to #8 with 518 spots and XFINITY BUNDLE from Comcast landed at #9 with 501 commercials. And in at #10 was PROGRESSIVE insuring their spot with 480 spots.

Government-Unions-Associations: In this unique category, we see some very diverse messages. #1 in the USA was the US DEPARTMETNT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES with 9,463 spots. Coming in #2 was the ARMY NATIONAL GUARD with 6,534 recruitment ads. The US DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION drove into #3 airing 2,788 announcements, while the US ARMY marched from #18 up to #4 with 2,179 spots. The US FOREST SERVICE hugged #5 with 1,935 and the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE was #6 writing off some 1,845 commercials. The US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE weighed in at #7 with 1,834 spots and the US COAST GUARD sailed into #8 running 1,688 spots. The US ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY sprayed 1,518 spots over the airwaves giving them the #9 position, while the US DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE ploughed 1,450 spots into the #10 slot.

The duel at the top continues, with THE HOME DEPOT winning this round with 43,995 spots forcing GEICO back to #2 with 39,545 commercials. MCDONALD’S was #3 with 24,746 spots and AUTOZONE jumped from #18 to #4 with 23,034 ads. And reestablishing themselves in top five, the HD DIGITAL RADIO ALLIANCE was #5 with 20,658 spots.