Phoenix Media Xchange launches for radio ad buying


While the last five years or so have seen more online exchanges for buying and selling media, some haven’t lasted. Softwave/SWMX and were two that didn’t last, due to limited inventory avails and lack of buyers. However, a new online media exchange is hoping to bring a good portion of the 14,300 US radio stations into the mix. Phoenix Media Xchange has launched its platform for radio advertising, allowing advertisers to place ads directly with stations.

Small businesses and nonprofit organizations will benefit by being able to place advertisements directly with radio stations for standby (discounted) or flighted negotiated-price spots.  The emediaXchange platform also provides services for creation of professional digital audio ads.

Stations benefit by connecting to new customers, easily setting rates and optimizing business activity to ensure pricing accuracy with maximum profitability in real time.

“Radio is a $17+ Billion advertising marketplace today – and is still largely managed with phone, email and fax processes.  Our platform empowers agency personnel and companies to plan, place and analyze an ad campaign.  Use Ad Wizard and organize a campaign in 5 minutes.  Or get into the details of defining campaign specifics leveraging the platform’s full power,” says President Daniel Nienhauser.  “Standby advertising provides a huge value proposition and has been used by the Direct Response industry with great success.  Small companies can promote their product and services at reduced rates, building business and driving traffic at preferred pricing.”

“Our platform enables any organization, including political entities, to manage a new campaign according to demographics or geographical data.  In 2012 eXRadio for politicians will empower headquarters to overlay polling results on the radio campaign to determine which ads are swaying opinions,” explained Nienhauser.

Annual membership is under $30 for access.