Picture perfect day for AURN at "One Nation"


American Urban Radio Networks’ (AURN) Kim Lampkins and Tene’ Croom were on the National Mall in Washington, DC on 10/2 for the “One Nation Working Together” march and rally. They got a chance to talk to some of the 160,000 people, representing more than 400 organizations, including labor and civil groups, who came together to bring attention to a number of issues.

Former NAACP Board Chairman Julian Bond told Kim that it’s important for people to vote on November 2nd. “Because this crowd that wants to get in power wants to repeal the 20th century and if we let them do it, then we’re in trouble. So, let’s say no to the party of no.”

Another civil rights leader talked to AURN. Asked what is his message to Congress, National Urban League President Marc Morial said, “My message is very simple, stop filibustering jobs bills and good legislation. Stop filibustering.”

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee George Clinton sang his legendary song, “One Nation Under a Groove.” Later he told Tene’ he was there because he thought of the country as “one nation.”


Tene with Ben Jealous

Kim with Children’s Defense Fund President Marian

Tene with Dick Gregory

Kim with Marc Morial

Tene with George Clinton