Here’s A Great Case Study On Radio’s Sales Power


NEWPierreBouvard#2A new Nielsen study, commissioned by Westwood One and its Chief Insights Officer — former Arbitron top executive Pierre Bouvard — paints a rosy picture for a major unnamed auto aftermarket retailer that engaged in a three-month national radio campaign from March- June 2016.

Nielsen matched the Nielsen Audio Portable People Meter (PPM) panel with credit and debit card spending data, so it could compare purchases of those exposed to the radio campaign with consumers who were not exposed.

The results: the unnamed retailer generated $21 of incremental sales for every $1 spent on radio.

Nielsen calculated ROAS by dividing the total sales boost by the radio ad investment.

It found that the radio campaign drove a 64% increase in new customers; and a 48% increase in total buyers. Additionally, those exposed to the radio campaign the most (seven or more times) represented nearly half of the total sales increase.

Furthermore, among consumers who heard the campaign, the auto aftermarket retailer saw a 71% increase in the share of dollars spent in the auto aftermarket category, compared to those not exposed to the campaign.

Meanwhile, compared to consumers who were exposed to the radio campaign, those who were unexposed to the radio campaign saw a steep drop in sales due to lower store visits and spend per visit. Overall, the unexposed group saw a 50% drop in total spend at the retailer compared to those who were exposed.

RBR + TVBR OBSERVATION: Bravo, Pierre! This is the type of case study radio needs to get out there. But, who’s seeing your blog? Did this get noticed by more than radio industry trades? We want Advertising Age and Adweek to cover this. We want the members of the ANA, and the 4 A’s, and every CMO and media buyer to learn about this — and react. Radio is effective and delivers. We’ve said this for years … perhaps too much too ourselves.


  1. Adam!!! You are spot on. This study needs to be exposed to brands and agencies. Here’s how to do this…

    Radio folks should post this story to their social media! Linkedin. Facebook. Twitter.

    I actually saw this RBR story on Linkedin. We all should “sell socially”… post useful content that will help advertisers grow their business!

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