Piers Morgan hosting Susan Boyle special


The one-hour special “I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story” has wrapped up filming in London, so we now know that it will be hosted by Piers Morgan and feature a duet by new singing star Susan Boyle and her long-time idol Elaine Paige. The program will make its debut Sunday, December 13th on ITV1 in the UK and air a few hours later, 8:00 pm ET, on the TV Guide Network in the US.

“It is very hard to think of anyone in the history of show business that has come from such an extraordinary background as Susan Boyle. To be propelled from the complete anonymity of Blackburn to global superstardom and having 300 million people downloading you, it is to me the most extraordinary transformation I’ve ever seen in this business,” said Morgan, who was one of the judges who witnessed Boyle’s audition for “Britain’s Got Talent.” Back when RBR-TVBR first wrote about the Susan Boyle phenomenon in April her YouTube video had gotten over 18 million views. It has since long passed the 100 million mark.

Reporting on the recent taping of the special, The Sun newspaper in London said that Boyle not only realized her dream of meeting Elaine Paige, the queen of London’s East End, the UK equivalent of Broadway, but of singing on stage with her. Their duet of “I Know Him So Well” will be one of the songs featured in the TV special.

Boyle was also joined on stage by the entire London cast of Les Misérables. The cast will perform “One Day More” on the TV special as an introduction to Boyle’s performance of – you guessed it – “I Dreamed a Dream,” the song which propelled her to international fame, as the show’s finale.

How did she like this latest adventure, making a TV show? “I’ve really enjoyed myself and I’m really enjoying making the show. I don’t want the dream to end – in fact, I want it to become a reality,” said Boyle.

The dream appears to be reality. Boyle’s debut CD, “I Dreamed a Dream,” has been the #1 album on Billboard’s chart for two weeks running.