Pinestone buttons down Rocky Mount CP


North Carolina veteran broadcaster James Goodmon is spinning an FM DIY project serving the Rocky Mount-Wilson NC market. The buyer is Pinestone Media Corporation, headed by Alan L. Button.

The CP is for WNCM-FM CP, licensed to Sharpsburg NC. The station is headed for 103.1on the dial as a Class A. An already-modified CP calls for 6 kw off of a 295” HAAT antenna, but the station has applied to lower the power to 4.4 kw and raise the antenna to 384’.

According to broker John Cunney of Patrick Communications, the price will be $550K.

Seller James Goodmon is President/CEO of Capitol Broadcasting Company which is big into both radio and television in North Carolina.

RBR-TVBR observation: Goodmon has amassed more than a few frequent testifier miles at hearings in Washington DC both on Capitol Hill and at the FCC. He is one of the few broadcasters we’ve ever heard testify in favor of the public file, saying in essence that it is a great place to brag about excellent local service, particularly in relation to other electronic media. So if you compete against Goodmon, you’d best have a strong local presence, because you know he will.

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